A thought on Conscious Ignorance.

A thought on Conscious Ignorance.

what is it and its importance…

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“Conscious Ignorance” means wilful ignorance to maintain the current progress and grasp the available information without focusing on something that’s unexplainable with existing resources.

Let me give you a simple analogy, Your nose is always in your visual field but your mind is trained to consciously ignore it and focus on the other things in the visual field to understand the world around us.

Conscious ignorance also focuses on the current progress ignoring the unimportant variables that are hampering the progress.

Why it’s important?

Conscious ignorance is vital in scientific progress, I know ignorance means a lack of knowledge, then how is it essential is scientific progress?

When running scientific experiments there are various unknown variables that can not be calculated, their certainty can not be explained, and their existence can not be defined with the existing knowledge, experience, and tools but that should not divert the focus from the current experiment, it should not hamper the progress of the current experiment, hence the conscious ignorance is vital for the scientific progress.

Why is it important for us?

Conscious ignorance is part of our daily life, we might be ignorant about it but it’s there.

We should incorporate it in the ample amount for our own progress, focus on the task at hand and ignore all the variables that are unexplainable. Learn to say “No”, and learn to consciously ignore and avoid the roadblocks for real progress.

That’s all folks, I know it was a short article and I hope you are able to understand the concept.

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