An interesting new VS code update

An interesting new VS code update

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VS code must be a go-to editor for everyone and GitHub and Microsoft are managing its updates quite well. Every time I see a VS Code update, the Release Notes after the updates are extremely exciting.

In the last release (v1.75.1) they added a new “VS Code Profiles” feature.

What is it?

Before talking about profiles, let’s understand the .vscode folder. In the .vscode folder, we have workspace settings defined and easily migrated to all the new developments.

You must have used the extensions file where you can define a list of extensions that are suggested in the extensions tab allowing a single-click install.

All that is pretty kewl but now VS Code has gone a step forward with VS Code profiles allowing us to save not just extensions but the Keymap and other settings, and even UI State.

These settings can be exported and imported into the VS Code.

How does it benefit developers?

  • You can save the exported Profile details in the code repository allowing easy migration.
  • If you are working on multiple technologies, then you can define profiles for an individual codebase with custom extensions and custom keymaps. for example, You can create a ReactJS profile with extensions like React Snippets, ES-Lint extension, and JavaScript settings.

How to do it?

You can export from the following options:

File > Preferences > Profiles > Show Contents: It will open a sidebar showing your current settings with simple checkboxes to enable/disable with an option to Export.


File > Preferences > Profiles > Import Profile…: This will load a popup allowing you to select .code-profile file with all the settings related to the Profile Settings.

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