Creating Github profile Readme

Creating Github profile Readme

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Kathy from Github design Team recently announced a Github feature in a Tweet by which you can have a readme file for your Github profile. It was one of the user-requested features and the Github decided to implement it.

Twitter screenshot

As you can see in screenshots in the Tweet, they started with .github repository in the testing phase which is now changed to username repository and available for everyone. In this article, I am going to share how to enable it for your Github Profile.

I am assuming that you already have a Github account and if you don’t have one, you can simply create a new one here.

The steps are pretty simple

  1. Create a new Repository with the same name as your Github username.
  2. Create a file in your repository.
  3. That’s it…


YouTube: How to create Github Profile Readme

That’s all you need and your Github profile Readme will be by default active on your Github profile page. You can play-around to add Write a brief profile message, add emojis, or even images too, and since it’s markdown you can use all the markdown formatting options. If you want to learn about Markdown formatting then you can follow a simple Markdown guide by Github, you can also follow this interesting article to have some fun with Markdown files.

This is a very simple but very useful feature introduced by Github and developers are going crazy with it. You can check some Github profile readme experiments on this interesting thread on

Thank you!!!