Lockdown is an opportunity for personal growth

Lockdown is an opportunity for personal growth

It’s not the time to complain about being quarantined home, it’s the time to focus the extra free time on personal development and self-growth.

Yesterday (14th Apr-2020) our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modiji announced that the Lockdown due to Coronavirus has been extended and most of my friends started complaining about the same.

But I think this is an opportunity for personal growth. There have been times when we all complained about not being able to read that favorite book, start that blog or get into shape but not getting enough time for that, now is the time. I agree most of you are working from home. but you are still saving around 2 hours a day of commute time which is enough. You just need those 2 hours to focus on something that you truly love or focus on something that you have been procrastinating due to lack of time. This is the time to start reading that book, taking that online course or simply getting into shape.

Now, let’s address the most important question

How to start???

Looking for that book to read, get a subscription of Audible they have a huge collection of audiobooks, they provide a free subscription of a month and 3 months of free subscription with your Amazon-prime account. If a book is boring for you then you can visit Medium, there are a lot of best-selling authors who are sharing their wisdom in articles that take 10–15 minutes of your time.

Looking to write, Start a simple blog using Jekyll with GitHub page which can be managed with Forestry CMS, sorry for that difficult idea or simply use Wordpress, Google Blogspot or Wix.com to get started or simply create a Medium profile to get started or write here on Linkedin

Looking for some online courses to boost your career then visit classcentral.com, they have a humongous list of online courses from world-known universities.

Looking for some entertaining hobby then you can listen to some podcasts on Spotify or Google Podcast or listen to some stories on Audible SUNO.

Looking to learn a new language then give Duolingo a try.

Looking to learn a new instrument then try Yousician.

Looking to try singing then try the app Riyaz or check out some YouTube channels run by great singers and voice coaches all over the world.

Planning to get into shape, try with some push-ups, you don’t need an App and if you want the right workout routine then check out YouTube, there are many YouTubers who share workout routine and diet plan for free of cost.

The Internet has everything to offer you just need to look for it at the right place, after all, it’s your choice to spend your free time scrolling through the Instagram feed or using it to learn something new.

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