Notion: An Interesting Project Management Tool.

Notion: An Interesting Project Management Tool.

and How it became my favorite tool.

1. The Editor:

In my opinion, the notion has one of the best editors, whether you try their web interface, for Desktop/Mobile Apps. They have an extremely simple process to import your notes from Evernote.

The easy-to-navigate UI and everything about the notion just clicks the right way for you to easily fall in love with the App.

2. Templates: Lots and lots of Templates…

Notion provides hundreds of templates to choose from for individual categories.

There are Notion’s Recommended templates and apart from this, there are a lot of different categories to choose from for one’s personal as well as professional needs.

3. Blogging with Notion:

Don’t have time/expertise to set up a personal website or don’t want to spend hosting and Domain costs on a personal website or simply don’t want a complicated CMS to set up your blog, then no worries, you can set up your blog with the notion that will be open for everyone to read and will get crawled by the web-server for the SEO by simply allowing Search Indexing for your specific notion pages.


  1. Tap on ‘Share’
  2. Click on ‘Show Link Options’
  3. Select ‘Search Engine Indexing’.

4. Document everything…

Notion allows you to Document everything, whether it’s your App/Code Documentation, Meeting notes, simple memos, or anything advanced.

Notion provides tools and ways for making your life easy, they have options to:

  1. Format Effectively
  2. Add proper Icons/images for easy identification.
  3. Choose the right template based on the requirement.
  4. Create Team pages and share the documentation with teammates.
  5. Add reminders for yourself or for team members.
  6. Group, link, or tag documents.
  7. Use Notion Apps for better productivity.

5. The Power of AI at your fingertips:

AI is becoming creative and it’s helping us write articles, and blog posts, brainstorm ideas, or even write poems and limericks, you must have heard about ChatGPT already. Notion also has its own AI assistant to help you with summarising notes, writing articles, collating ideas, and writing blog posts or social media posts, in short catering to every writing need at your fingertips.

Some interesting and advanced Tips (that I personally follow):

  1. Dark Mode in motion by: Ctrl + Shift + L or Cmd + Shift + L on Mac.
  2. Save Tweets to the notion by following tips in this Tweet: Save To Notion.
  3. Save the Link to the notion by using the Chome Extension: Save to Notion.
  4. Add emojis by choosing the emojis after typing : 👍🏽
  5. Link Pages, Tag People, or Add reminders by typing @
  6. Explore options based on your requirements by typing /

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