Perfection is a myth…

Nobody’s perfect.

We read this fact most of the time but we still focus on being perfect.

But the truth is you don’t have to be perfect. Nothing is perfect in this world.

Our Universe is not perfect.

Our life is not perfect.

Our brain is not perfect.

I am not perfect.

You are not perfect.

This article is not perfect.

Perfection is a myth

Most of the time people misunderstand me, when I say Perfection is a myth.

They ask me, “should we stop learning?, should we stop growing?”.

Nope, I didn’t say that. Focusing on perfection brings the fear of being imperfect and when there is fear there is no learning.

When you focus on perfection, you start to overthink and when you start overthinking you loose concentration, and the essence of learning is gone.

One should focus on learning and not on being perfect.

Knowing the fact that you can not learn everything in this world is a true sign of a genius.

And genius, they don’t stop learning, they don’t stop growing. They focus on more important things than perfection, they focus on continuous improvement.

so, keep learning, keep reading, keep growing and keep enjoying the life, though it’s not perfect.

Thanks for reading

Live long and prosper.