Selling like a Boss

I have a little experience in technical sales and here I am going to share the knowledge that I perceived during the experience.

Here are a few principles that I used to follow while selling

Know, what you are selling…

Before start to prepare your sales pitch, make sure that you know exactly what you are selling you should know the ability and limitations of the solutions that you are providing and you should be able to answer any possible query which (may be technical or non-technical) asked by your prospect.

Eg. If you are working in tech sales, where you are selling an online service or software product, you should use the service as a customer and note down all possible technical or non-technical queries that customer may ask and technical limitations and technical possibilities of the service/software, you are going to sell. Queries Like: How secure is your database, are there any chances of getting my data hacked? or, In what case my money will be refunded if the online payment fails and how many days will it take?

Don’t just talk, have a conversation…

Most of the sales people forget this basic principle and they just dial their prospects and start presenting their Sales Pitch without knowing the needs of the customer. Don’t just talk, have a conversation, ask your prospects about their current requirements, what solutions they were/are using, what are they expecting from you and explain them how your solution can be better than their current option, in what way you can help them to better their current process. The sales pitch should be conversational not robotic, and the conversation with your prospects will give a direction for your sales pitch.

Eg. If your company is providing a couple of solutions together as a package to their customers and your prospect is looking for any one of those solution then you can focus on, what the prospect is looking for and as an addition you can explain them about other services also which will just be a value add to the prospect and as value add package they won’t mind paying a little extra.

Don’t try to sell Giraffe to a customer, looking for chimpanzee

A little bit of metaphor right there, but the context is the same, before dialing to the prospect make sure you have something to sell to the prospect and make sure that the prospect will be interested in considering the service that you will be selling, but if client is looking for a special kind of service which is not provided by your company then don’t hesitate to say no to the prospect i.e. Don’t try to sell Giraffe to a customer who is looking for Chimpanzee, but you may give it a try to Orangutan i.e. you can explain about a service which is not exactly what client is looking for but a similar service, but before presenting Orangutan to the prospect make sure you explain them exactly what they are going to get, and if you don’t have Orangutan then, you may explain them about all the services that your company can provide so that in future when the prospect is in need of any of those services you will be the first person to get contacted, Personal Experience ;)

Those are the few basic principles that I used to follow, Please share your thoughts on these principles, I will be more than happy to here from you.

Thank you for reading.

Live Long and Prosper!!!