Small habits which has huge impact on your life.

Small habits which has huge impact on your life.

I am a productivity hacker, I love to read about increasing productivity, increasing creativity and get the max out of your Brain. I started to incorporate some tips from the Books and Articles that I read online. I have started many habits but could not be consistent with those, so this time I decided to start with small habits. And those small habits worked like wonder. In this article, I will be sharing those habits with you.

1. Take a Walk

It doesn’t have to be morning-walk, you can walk whenever you want to. Walking improves your mood, walking boosts creativity. I walk whenever I feel like stuck on something. Because while walking you can talk with a person who can give you the best advice in the world, and that person is You. Most of the time I got the solution for many problems in my life. Now I made it a habit.

2. Meditate

Most of the people in this world tend to ignore the power of Meditation.

  1. Meditation improves mood.
  2. Meditation reduces stress.
  3. Meditation slows down the aging process.
  4. Meditation improves immunity.
  5. Meditation improves concentration.

What else do you expect for a healthy life?

3. Carry a commonplace diary

A commonplace diary is a diary where you can drop all your thoughts and ideas. A commonplace diary is like having a friend with whom you can express anything and everything. I carry my Diary everywhere, while I am traveling, working and even in meetings and any thought that comes to my mind, I just put that thought into the diary. Over the weekend I compile those thoughts and if something’s worth trying, I give it a shot.

4. Sketching

I never thought that I can draw but while browsing youtube, I came across this video by TedTalks. And it inspired me to start sketching. I took my diary and I started sketching while watching the video. I was deliriously happy looking at those sketches and now I draw at least one sketch a day.

Why sketching?

  1. Sketching improves memory.
  2. Sketching boosts creativity.
  3. Sketching can improve your communication skills.
  4. Sketching can be a confidence booster and it also increases self-esteem.

If you think you can not draw then watch the following video and you will be an artist.

5. Follow the light

A small walk in sunlight works as a remedy for depression. Research also says that it increases serotonin (the happiness hormone) level. Sunlight improves your mood. It helps you get better sleep.

Sunlight helps to increase Vitamin D in the body which is helpful for

  1. Bone health.
  2. It supports the immune system.
  3. It protects us against dementia and brain aging.
  4. It strengthens teeth.

6. Break the daily routine

You don’t have to make big changes in your daily routine.

You can start with small changes like:

A different route to your workplace every day.

Try changing your work-desk every day.

Try listening to music from a different genre that you usually listen to.

Try reading a book from a different genre that you usually read.

Try reading a book upside down (sounds crazy but try it.)

or it can be anything small.

What are the advantages?

Breaking your daily routine helps the Hippocampus of your brain which improves your memory. Breaking your routine also proves to improve your creativity and improve your mood.

These small habits improve Creativity, mood and also has a positive impact on your daily life and productivity.

I will be interested in your feedback in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading…

Live long and Prosper…