The new thing in the tech world that got me excited…

The new thing in the tech world that got me excited…

And it’s not ChatGPT anymore.

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ChatGPT was fun and interesting, we all were trying out the AI that has been in the news for a couple of weeks, and I wrote about it in my article. People have been talking about AI models like MidJourney, BeatOven, Dall-E, and so on but now, the new thing that got me excited is not a new Library, a Framework, or a new AI model that’s gonna replace humans, it’s a laptop by Framework.

What’s so special about a Laptop?!?!?!

(Out of Topic: The ?! is not a mistake, it’s called an Interrobang, the combination of Questionmark (interro) and Exclamation point(Bang)).

I know you might be thinking the same, What’s so special with a Laptop, dual display, triple display, new processor, new SSD, Nah!!! it’s none of that, it’s an extremely customizable, repairable, and sustainable laptop.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Let me give you a little history of sustainable Hardware, when I was in college, I came across PhoneBlocks, a concept allowing users to not just being able to upgrade and customize their phones but also allowing them to swap out broken or non-functioning components with a new one without changing the entire phone, that’s sustainable. Google tried that with Project Ara but then killed that project.

Now, cut to 2023, We all have tons of electronic devices, and with every new device coming in, companies are making it more and more difficult to customize or even upgrade the device with Soldered components forget soldered components, Apple even announced Apple Studio Display, where you can not remove the Power cable if it stops working even though there is no problem with the display, you will have to connect with the Apple Service Station and they will fix it for you.

And with all this, there is a new company called, Framework that has announced a PhoneBlocks-like Laptop, giving control to the end user allowing them to customize, repair, and even Upgrade their laptop by themselves.

How does this work?

Let’s understand it’s working with individual laptop components and how are those customizable.

1. The Ports:

Framework has swipeable ports connected to the motherboard through thunderbolt ports allowing you to customize ports in real-time without needing any special tool, need an extra USB port but don’t need the HDMI, simply remove the HDMI port with a USB module, it’s that simple.

Framework HDMI Module and USB Module. Image courtesy: Dev2D (

2. The Looks

Not happy with the pre-installed While Display borders, swap those out with Black ones with an easy-to-attach magnetic display border. Not happy with the keyboard, swap it out with a different keyboard, simplicity at its best.

Framework changeable keyboard. Image Courtesy: Linus Tech Tips (

3. The Hardware

We talked about the Looks and Ports but those are externals, what about the internals?

Framework has made sure that changing internals are easy for users to change and upgrade. They include a small screw-driver that you can use to open the laptop body and all the internal modules has clear instructions as to how to remove, change, or upgrade any component.

Framework Laptop internals. Image Courtesy: Linus Tech Tips (

But, why am I talking about this?

Our World is filled with a plethora of devices, our life feels incomplete without those, and with all those new devices comes the shortage of Chips and an increase in E-Waste, where devices like Framework Laptops are bringing sustainability, allowing users to upgrade their hardware helps reduce these problems which is better for the environment and it gives the user the control and the ownership of the Hardware that they are purchasing.

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